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Employee Spotlight

October 27th, 2020 | Patient Centered Medical Home Blog


Medical Records Supervisor

Interviewed by Tiffany
Central Supply Supervisor

Janeen has been a valued employee of Grants Pass Clinic for 14 years and was recently promoted to supervisor of the Medical Records Dept.  At work her nickname is either “Neenee” or “Neener.” Her favorite things about working at the clinic are the team work and how everyone gets along. She also thinks the providers are fun to work with and enjoys being able to help them as much as possible.

Janeen has two favorite restaurants in the Rogue Valley; she loves Red Lobster and really who can blame her, they have the best biscuits. She also likes Tarascos Mexican Restaurant, and I have to agree with this choice as they have delicious Mexican food. Her hobbies include, but definitely are not limited to, her care of plants and doing craft projects. Collecting things is also a hobby of hers. She has collections of Furbies and Cabbage Patch dolls. When she is not leading her amazing medical records team she likes to play Pokémon GO and watch movies. It is hard for Janeen to nail down a favorite movie, but loves The Sound of Music, Lord of Rings Trilogy including the Hobbit series, and let’s not forget Harry Potter who, let’s be honest, everyone wishes they could get that acceptance letter also.  

Christmas is Janeen’s favorite holiday.  With all the bright colors and twinkly lights it is almost magical. The one thing that might surprise people to know about her is she is a total techie.  She can dismantle and rebuild a computer from the ground up. The best advice anyone has ever given her is “work hard”. That’s something she strives for everyday in her new position.

If Janeen could share a meal with anyone it would be her great grandmother, who was from Yugoslavia and made the most delicious food she has ever had. If she could go on her dream vacation it would be to Hawaii, and with her love of plants I can see the attraction for her. What makes her happiest is spending time with her husband Bo, the grandkids and her two spoiled and bratty (her word) cats Bear and Missy.


Interviewed by Tiffany

 Central Supply Aide