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Employee Spotlight by Trina

January 20th, 2020 | Patient Centered Medical Home Blog

  Employee Spotlight

Tammy is a certified medical assistant in our Acute Care Department. She has worked for Grants Pass Clinic for a total of 21 years.  She was the primary medical assistant for internal medicine physician, Dr. Tom Morris, for 15 years.  Tammy left the clinic when Dr. Morris retired and returned to work in 2013 to work in Acute Care.  A lot of you might not know this, but Tammy has a nick name here…it’s T-Dawg!  I think we should make this her permanent name!  Her favorite thing about working at the clinic is the family atmosphere, not only for patients, but also within the staff.  

Some of Tammy’s favorite things include her favorite restaurant, which is actually a tie between Taprock and Laughing Clam.   Who could blame her as they are both amazing.  Her favorite holiday is Christmas and with all the beautifully decorated trees in the clinic, I almost feel the same.  The first movie she ever watched on VHS is also her favorite movie, Somewhere in Time.  I have never heard of it, but now plan to find and watch it. Tammy used to be an avid collector of pig figurines and collectables until she felt like they were taking over her home! Tammy now focuses on enjoying outdoor activities and when the weather keeps her indoors, she loves to read.

Tammy has two dogs, Eli and Jesse, who she likes to spend time outside with. She also has a cat named Doc. If she could choose anyone to share a meal with it would be her grandma, with the intent of recovering lost family recipes.  The best advice she ever received is that “life is a gift.” That ties in well with her personal motto “keep life going’.  

If Tammy could win her dream vacation, she would travel to Africa on a safari and sleep in the bush near the wildlife. Her phobias include not only a common fear of heights, but also fear of high mountain winding roads, which might not do well for her in Africa. Well, at least we know she won’t try to ride a giraffe!

The thing in life that make her happiest is spending time with her husband and family.   

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Central Supply Dept. Employee