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Exercise for Life – by Tim Roberts, MD

July 31st, 2019 | Blog

   Timothy E. Roberts, MD    









There is quite compelling evidence that we all should be getting some regular exercise, even those that are late bloomers. Click here to read an article about this very subject.


This is something I myself spend a great deal of time counseling patients about, but also counseling myself about. I too have always had a hard time sticking with it!

When it comes to what kind of exercise and how much, it seems pretty clear there is not a ‘one- size fits all’ answer.  In my experience, people who’ve mastered the art of consistent exercise have one thing in common; most of them seem to get joy and satisfaction out of it. 

The variety of exercise that patients are able to stick with is very interesting.  Swimming, walking, softball, rock climbing, bicycling, square dancing, weight lifting, soccer, mountain biking, hiking, surfing, gardening, paddle boarding, kayaking, Aikido, Tai Chi, Zumba.  And I know this is just the tip of the ice berg!

I am currently running and walking consistently, with fairly regular gardening and light weightlifting.  I find that I enjoy running with other people, so I am trying to make that happen more regularly.  Click here to find out about Southern Oregon Running Enthusiasts on MeetUp.  In the past, I have also enjoyed bicycling and swimming, but seemed to be pretty inconsistent with those activities.  I enjoyed soccer for a number of years.  I hung up my cleats after breaking a wrist and a finger—yeah, in game in which you aren’t supposed to use your hands!  My wife and I have tried dancing lessons a couple of times, but it was tough with our four left feet.

So I really encourage patients to get out there and shop around.  What sounds fun?  What are your friends doing?  What is cheap?  What is nearby?  Mix it up and look for the activity that you enjoy and isn’t a chore.