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How do Electronic Medical Records affect you?

July 3rd, 2018 | Patient Centered Medical Home Blog

How do Electronic Medical Records affect you

In the olden days (actually, the years before 2008) Grants Pass Clinic stored your medical record  in a paper chart.  If your healthcare provider wanted to see your record, a request was first sent to the primary medical assistant or nurse before going to the Medical Records Department.  Your paper chart would then be searched for among thousands of charts and located by hand through a numbering system. It would then be delivered to the primary medical assistant or nurse, who would give it to your healthcare provider.  This process could take a while as chart requests were being received at the same time from multiple Clinic providers.

But now, with our fully integrated Electronic Medical Records system, your medical information is just a ‘click away’ from your provider.  All of your medical information is at their fingertips with no more waiting for the paper chart to arrive.  The same is true for our medical assistants and nurses.  If you call with a question, they can view your medical record instantaneously on their computers.

Even with the implementation of electronic medical records, paper documents regarding your healthcare are still received.  Our experienced scanning team adds them to your medical records on a daily basis.   We strive to make sure your information is up-to-date and correct.  After these documents are scanned, your provider is immediately notified that they are available for viewing.

The efficiency and accuracy of our Medical Records Department results in better care for you, our patient, because your medical information is readily available for the providers and staff of Grants Pass Clinic.