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Patient Portal FAQ

Who can sign up?

  • Patients who are 15 and older can register. They can also designate a proxy if they wish to share their medical information with another.
  • For patients under 15 years old, a proxy account can be established for the parents or legal guardian.
  • Proxy access can be granted by patients between the ages of 15 and 17 to parents or legal guardians.

How do I request access or update my email?

  1. Fill out the appropriate FollowMyHealth Patient portal request online.
    Request Access to Your Medical Information Online (online submission) To be signed by patients age 15 and older. 
    Pediatric Parental Access Authorization (0-14 years old – online submission) To be signed by parents of patients age 0-14 years old. 
    Pediatric Proxy Account Authorization (15-17 years old – online submission) To be signed by patients age 15-17 years old authorizing parental access.
  2. Once our office receives and approves the online request, we will send you an email invitation.
  3. Follow the steps in the email to create an account.

Why is my access not immediately available?

  • Due to privacy regulations we have a process that allows us to identify you and connect you to the appropriate record.

Will my entire record be available?

  • Grants Pass Clinic FollowMyHealth contains limited, select information from your record and does not reflect the entire contents of the medical record. You may request a copy of your medical record from Grants Pass Clinic Medical Records Department.

Can I un-enroll from Grants Pass Clinic FollowMyHealth?

  • Yes, your account can be disabled from further communication of medical data but the historical data will remain. You can do this with the connections tab by removing the organization from which you no longer want information.

What if I have concerns about the content of my record?

  • You can contact your provider with these concerns.

How do I add a proxy/authorized individual to my account?

  1. Login to your FollowMyHealth account.
  2. Go to My Account and Connections.
  3. Go to With Family Members, Dependents, etc. and click on the Add Authorized Individual to send an invitation to the individual you want to designate as your proxy.

For questions on any portal functionality, please check the FollowMyHealth support page or contact FollowMyHealth technical support by phone at 888-670-9775 Monday – Friday, 8AM- 8PM EST.