Rx Live – What’s the deal? by Spencer Countiss, MD

October 20th, 2020 | Provider Blog

 Rx Live – What’s the deal?

Grants Pass Clinic has entered a partnership with RxLive to provide reviews of patients’ medications on a periodic basis. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about it.

Is this a scam? No, it’s legitimate. I certainly understand this question and given the daily barrage of people trying to scam us over the phone and by email it’s a good question. RxLive is not a scam. Grants Pass Clinic has a contract with them to offer you this service. They’re not selling a product and they’re not trying to steer you toward particular drugs: all they’re selling is their advice.

Why would I do this? Managing medicines is complicated, especially when they are prescribed by different specialists who may not have the big picture of your care. Your local pharmacist can go over a new medicine with you, but without knowing about all your medicines and your history the local pharmacist can give only limited advice. The RxLive consultation is 30 minutes with you privately on the phone or by video chat. The pharmacist has access to your Grants Pass Clinic chart so they can see why you’re taking what you’re taking and see other things that may be important, such as your kidney function (since many drugs need to be adjusted or even eliminated in someone with kidney disease). The RxLive pharmacist will look at your medicines to see whether they are interacting with each other. They may recommend changes to make the medicines cheaper or easier to take. The RxLive pharmacist will not actually make any changes: after the consultation they send us a report with what they recommend and why. Your provider may agree with their suggestions and make the changes or not, depending on what they and you think is best for you.

What about the privacy of my medical records? In order for RxLive to give you an adequate opinion they need to know the details of your care, starting with a complete list of medications. Since they are sharing in your care Grants Pass Clinic gives them access to the records of the patients they are consulting with. We do the same when you are referred to any other provider for care, whether that’s a cardiologist or an orthopedic surgeon. They are bound to the same legal and ethical standards we are for safeguarding your records.

So who’s paying for this? Many insurance plans cover the cost of a regular medication review, because it’s better care and may save money on prescription costs (more on that later). RxLive may incur a co-pay but they will tell you that upfront and you can stop then if you don’t want to pay.

Is this required? Our hope is that you will find this service useful and that it will lead to better management of your medications, but it’s not required.

Grants Pass Clinic is committed to providing the best care possible. We’ve added RxLive because pharmacist consultation is now considered the standard of high quality care. We hope you will take advantage of it and we want to continue to hear your feedback.