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Switchboard Operators – the Voice of the Clinic

September 5th, 2018 | Patient Centered Medical Home Blog

Switchboard Operators – the ‘Voice of the Clinic’

Our switchboard operator is the first voice of the Grants Pass Clinic that you hear when you call.  We answer every call that comes in on our main line!  And yes, you will talk to a live person who works within the Grants Pass Clinic building.  We are one of the only clinics in Grants Pass who still has a live person that answers the phone. We receive a very high volume of calls with 25 providers located here.  We get calls for our all of our departments, including Patient Care, Scheduling, Billing and Claims, Referrals, and Medical Records.  Because of our call volume you may have a short hold before we are able to answer your call, but we promise to answer your call as soon as possible.  

Our switchboard is the first impression and contact you have when you call us.  We strive to be friendly, polite and professional while we assist in getting you to the person or office that can help you with your needs.  Sometimes we have to ask a few questions to transfer you to the correct person or department.  This way we can assure you get to the right place the first time.  

Our switchboard operators start answering calls at 8:00am and end for the day at 5:30pm. Scheduling and Patient Care phone lines open at 8:15am and close at 5:00pm.

Since many of our providers’ offices are closed or short-staffed from Noon – 2:00pm to allow for lunch hours, you are able to leave a voicemail for the Patient Care staff during this time.   If a call is received that needs immediate attention during this time, our Acute Care staff is available to take those calls.  Our switchboard operators are always aware if your provider is out of the office, when they will return, and which office is taking calls for them.  

Phone calls received before or after our regular hours will be handled by our answering service.  Just call our regular number, 541-476-6644 and follow the prompts.  An operator will speak with you to take your information and will contact the health care provider who is on call who will then respond to your medical needs.

Our switchboard operators make every effort to answer your question or will transfer you to the person who can.  We assist in making sure our patients receive the highest quality patient care. Our pleasant and professional switchboard operators look forward to speaking with you the next time you call!


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